You can enroll in and begin the FASTtrack program when you meet the following Admission Requirements.

  • A Strong Desire to Complete a Degree

  • Age 23 or older

  • A minimum of 45 Transferable Credits

  • Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale

Competitive Advantages

We believe we are the most competitive program in the area for the working adult. That is because our first priority is you, the adult learner. Here are some key points to check on:

  • Finances: Our tuition rates are the most competitive in the area. Not only that, books and fees are wrapped up in that low price as well! Contact us for the latest tution rates.

  • Weekends: Your weekends are without commitments in the FASTtrack program. We don’t require any Saturday Classes.

  • CREDIT: We offer optional Credit for Prior Learning with our Portfolio Process. You might be surprised at how we can help you get additional credit.

  • No Independent Project Requirement: Instead of requiring you to complete an independent research project, with FASTtrack, the Capstone Project is part of a module where you are guided through right to completion and done in seven weeks tops.
  • Lock-Step: Our modules are offered in a sequential format. We help you stay focused on your goals.



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FASTtrack Programs Office 256-362-0118
627 West Battle Street | Talladega, Alabama 35160