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A Moment in History

The Amistad Murals consists of three panels: The Revolt, The Court Scene, and Back to Africa. They are housed in Savery Library and are known as one of artist Hale Aspacio Woodruff’s best known works.

Scholarship Memorials, Awards and Funds

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Scholarship Memorials

  • Alabama Power Computer Science Scholarship
  • Majorie F. Aldous Memorial
  • David Aronow Scholarship
  • Albert E. Baker Scholarship
  • Esther A. Barnes Scholarship
  • Charles B. Baxter Scholarship
  • Eunice Hatch Baxter Scholarship
  • Howard K. Beale Scholarship
  • William Belden Scholarship
  • Andrew J. Bess Scholarship
  • Birmingham News Scholarship Fund
  • Warren H. Brothers, Jr., Memorial
  • E. A. Brown Scholarship
  • Robert A. Brown, Jr. (’52) Memorial
  • Brown and McGhee Scholarship
  • Joseph Douglas Burney Memorial
  • Chapman- Jones Memorial
  • Jefferson Kearney Cheek, Sr. Scholarship
  • Earl R. Claiborne Scholarship
  • Rosa Pitts Coker Memorial
  • Comer Foundation Scholarship
  • George W. Crawford Scholarship
  • William E. Dodge Scholarship
  • Charlie W. Donaldson Scholarship
  • Lillian M. Draper Scholarship
  • Carlton L. Ellison Scholarship
  • Irieta Williams English Memorial
  • Joseph J. Fletcher Scholarship
  • Ella Mae Gibson Foster Scholarship
  • William F. Frazier Memorial
  • Gallagher-Long Scholarship
  • Proctor Gardner Scholarship
  • Sandra Y. Gleason Scholarship
  • Escous B. Goode Scholarship
  • Robert Gover Scholarship
  • Florence M. Graves Scholarship
  • Arthur D. Gray Scholarship
  • Josephine Crawford-Wilfred Haddock Scholarship
  • Alvin J. Hannon Scholarship
  • C. M. Harris Economics/Business Scholarship
  • Virgil L. Harris Scholarship
  • Frank G. Harrison Scholarship
  • Hearst Foundation Scholarship
  • Herbert J. Henderson III Scholarship
  • Walter S. Hogg Scholarship
  • Dorothy Lorane Howard Memorial
  • Dr. and Mrs. S. W. Howland Scholarship
  • James G. Huntting, Sr. Scholarship
  • Jefferson G. Ish, Jr. (’07) Memorial
  • Marietta Hardwick Ish (Graduate Normal Department 1876) Scholarship
  • Ives-Sandoz Scholarship
  • Julien Dabney Jackson Memorial
  • Mildred Jackson Scholarship
  • Samuel Edwards Jackson Memorial
  • John J. Johnson Scholarship
  • Joseph B. and Lula Johnson Scholarship
  • Jane Jones Scholarship
  • The Kennon Family Scholarship
  • Harold M. Kingsley Memorial
  • H. W. Lincoln Scholarship
  • William C. Luke Memorial
  • Winifred S. Mathers Legacy Scholarship
  • Donald P. McCullum (’48) Memorial
  • Henry C. McDowell Scholarship
  • Mickle Scholarship
  • Minuard B. Miller Scholarship
  • Margaret L. Montgomery Memorial
  • James Thomas Morrow Scholarship
  • Mullen Scholarship
  • William A. Parker Scholarship
  • Ophelia Taylor Pinkard Scholarship
  • Reader’s Digest Foundation Scholarship
  • Rhode Island Conference of UCC Scholarship
  • Fannie Lewis Rodgers Scholarship
  • Andrew McEldron Rubel and Dr. Peter Rubel Scholarship
  • Russell Corporation Scholarships
  • Rutledge-General Dynamics Scholarship Fund
  • Reuben A. Sheares II Scholarship
  • Rose Brawley Singley and The Carl Edward Singley Scholarship
  • L. J. Gunn and Michael Spurlock Memorial
  • The Stone Scholarship
  • Surdna Foundation Scholarship
  • Brazillai Swift Scholarship
  • Mrs. R. M. Tenny Scholarship
  • Lucius and Helen R. Thayer Scholarship
  • Eunice M. Swift Trumbull Scholarship
  • Trustees Scholarship
  • UNCF/Coca-Cola Scholarship
  • Vollrath Private Enterprise Scholarship
  • DeMint Frazier Walker Scholarship
  • Lawrence Washington Memorial
  • S. C. Johnson Wax Fund
  • Thomas G. Weaver Scholarship
  • Mamie Rivers Welch Memorial
  • Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship
  • Bertie H. Winfield Memorial
  • Mary E. Wilcox Memorial
  • Herbert E. Wissman Scholarship
  • John and Lydia Hawes Wood Scholarship
  • Oscar Woolfolk, Jr., Scholarship
  • Jones-Ellis-Walton and Jones Family Memorial Medical Endowed Scholarship


  • Armstrong Award for Creative Ability
  • Avery Speech Awards
  • Fred L. Brownlee Award
  • Benjamin Butler Memorial Award
  • Elva Constance Cross Award
  • Carroll Cutler Award
  • Altamease H. Edwards Award
  • Elbert Albert Daly Award
  • Elson Foundation, Inc., Award
  • T. P. Campbell Award
  • Buell Gordon Gallagher Award
  • Joseph N. Gayles, Jr., Award
  • Hamilton-Weaver Award
  • Dorothy Hughes Award
  • Lance F. Jeffers Creative Writing Award
  • Thomasinia Hamilton Jeter Award
  • Alyn Loeb Award
  • Marilyn Joan Macke (’58) Award
  • Walter Lewis Reed Award
  • Blanche Monroe Richardson Award
  • C. B. Rice Memorial Award
  • Harriet Salter Rice Award
  • Napoleon Rivers, Sr., Award
  • W. Lucile Spence Award
  • Annie Laurie Derricotte Tucker Award
  • Catherine Waddell Award
  • Mary Myrtis Walsh Award
  • Mary Elizabeth Weaver Award
  • Whiton Writing Awards



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The history of Talladega College began on November 20, 1865, when two former slaves William Savery and Thomas Tarrant, both of Talladega, met in convention with a group of new freedmen in Mobile, Alabama.

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