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Hale Woodruff

                                                                           Dr. Buell Gallagher

                                                                          Dr. William R. Harvey
                              The Amistad Murals are Home

                              On Display in the Dr. William R. Harvey Museum of Art

        The presence of Hale Woodruff’s masterpieces in our    They were restored by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta
        nation’s top museums, including the Metropolitan Museum   and sent on a three-year, eight-city tour.  Following the
        of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the National Gallery   tour, which received rave reviews from the New York Times,
        of Art, is a testament to his profound influence on 20th   the murals were placed in storage for safekeeping.  Now,
        century art and the enduring value of his work. Fortunately,   after years of anticipation, the College has opened a secure,
        Talladega College has the distinction of owning Woodruff’s   temperature-controlled museum worthy of the murals,
        magnum opus - the Amistad Murals.                      which are now valued at $50 million. A ribbon cutting for
                                                               the Dr. William R. Harvey Museum of Art was held on
        The works were commissioned by former Talladega College  January 31, 2020.
        President Dr. Buell Gallagher, who asked Woodruff to paint
        six panels illustrating the rise of African Americans from   The museum is named in honor of Talladega College
        slavery to freedom.  The first three panels, the Amistad   alumnus and Hampton University President Dr. William R.
        Murals, were completed in 1939. The works depict scenes   Harvey ‘61. Dr. Harvey, who donated over a million dollars
        from the Amistad slave ship uprising, the ensuing court case  toward the museum, is 100% owner of the Pepsi Cola
        and the return to Africa. The second set of murals illustrate   Bottling Company of Houghton, Michigan. Since 1978, he
        the founding of the College, the construction of Savery   has led Hampton with distinction and created a monumental
        Library and the Underground Railroad.                  legacy of leadership and philanthropy.

        Woodruff’s murals hung in Savery Library sans protection   You too can leave a legacy by contributing to the Dr. William
        from heat, cold and sun for nearly 70 years. In 2008,   R. Harvey Museum of Art. For more information, contact the
        Talladega College President Dr. Billy C. Hawkins had the   Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Mr. Seddrick T.
        breathtaking but slowly disintegrating murals taken down.   Hill Sr., at

                      Museum Giving Levels:                                   Naming Opportunities:
        Hale Woodruff Society         $1 million and above         We will honor naming opportunity requests
        La Amistad Society              $500,000 and above                      in the order received.
        The Mende Society              $100,000 and above
        Diego Rivera Society            $50,000 and above       •  Board Room                •   Reflecting Pool
        Cinque Society                $10,000 and above         •  Lecture Hall              •   Courtyard
        Savery Society                $5,000 and above          •  Reception Lobby           •   Gallery 107
        Heritage Society              $1,000 - $4.999           •  Rising Up Gallery         •   Benches/Wall Spaces
        Friends                       $100 - $999
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