Page 9 - Talladegan SP 4 Flipbook
P. 9

Representative Barbara Boyd

        Dr. and Mrs. William R. Harvey with Dr. and Mrs. Billy C. Hawkins

                                                                              UNCF President Dr. Michael Lomax and Mayor
                                                                              of Talladega Mr. Timothy Ragland

       Representative Barbara Boyd

        Dr. Hawkins, Dr. Harvey and Chairman of the Board of Trustees
        Mr. Isaiah Hugley are pictured with Trustees Mr. Terry Smiley, Mr.
        Russell Holloway, Dr. Angela Walker, Vice Chair Tracey Morant
        Adams, Dr. John Mascia, and Ms. Rica Lewis-Payton.

                                                                              Drs. Horace and Dolia Patterson

                                                                              Rep. Steve Hurst
                                                                              and Dr. Haywood Strickland
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