Talladega College Research Presented in Tennessee

Talladega, Alabama—Three Talladega College students recently presented their research in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Deirdre Childress, Dion Jackson and Justin Tyner participated with over 70 presenters composed of students, faculty and scholars during the Mid-Southeast Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Conference Meeting in November.

Senior Deirdre Childress is a Psychology major from Indianapolis, Indiana. She is also the Student Government Association President at Talladega College. During the conference, she presented her research entitled, “A Model Designed To Increase The Number of African American Women In STEM Fields At Small And Medium Size Historically Black Colleges and Universities.” Dion Jackson, is a senior Computer Science major from Talladega, Alabama. He presented his research entitled, “A Pilot Study To Determine The Effects Of A Web-Based – Animated Pedagogy In Two Basic Science Courses.” Justin Tyner is also a TC senior. He’s from Shreveport, Louisiana and he presented his research entitled, “An Investigation Of Low Graduation Rates In Small And Medium Size Historically Black Colleges And Universities (HBCUs) In Science, Technology, Engineering, And Mathematics (STEM) Fields.”

Mr. Anthony Morris, a Talladega College computer science instructor and alumnus, attended the conference with the students. He remarks, “The students did very well. They had popular research topics for this season. The judges commended our students on their work. We hope to go again next year.”

Presenters at the conference were from various Southeast institutions and beyond. Over 80 abstract submissions were received, and of that number, 30 were from undergraduate students, and over 20 were from graduate students.

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