The Daily Home- Forum focuses on MLK's "Letter from Jail"

Forum focuses on MLK's letter from  jail
by: Shane  Dunaway
More than 50 students, professors and community members gathered at Talladega College’s Swayne Hall Auditorium Monday for a public forum discussing Martin Luther King,
Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.”

The event, organized by junior Tomas Cone and sophomore Lawrence Bartholomew, featured a four-person panel, including business and politics professor Dr. Bernard Bray, African American history and humanities professor Dr. Keith Winsell, Talladega County Chapter
President of the NAACP Hugh Morris and first-cousin of Coretta Scott-King, Mary Scott-Hicks.

Of the students in attendance, the bulk of them raised their hands when Cone asked if they saw the dramatized reading of the letter at the Ritz Theatre Thursday and Friday night. More than 100 students across campus attended the production during the two-day

The group discussed the letter, the play and how it impacted them and their views on how they see today’s struggles by comparison.

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