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The following procedures will be followed during severe weather and natural and man-made disasters. These disasters may come in the form of tornadoes, hurricanes, snow and ice storms, or in the form of fire and/or human-initiated catastrophes. Whatever form the disaster takes, everyone must be in a state of constant readiness to protect lives and to defend themselves against human perpetrators who try to capitalize on the misfortune by "looting. The following procedures will be in effect as soon as the college receives official word of severe weather warnings:

1. The following individuals will be alerted by Campus Police and the Talladega College Police Department:

  • Director of Facilities Management/Operation
  • Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Department of Student Housing
  • Residents and Personnel of all campus wooden structured buildings
  • School Infirmary Personnel

2. Campus Police will monitor the National Weather Service broadcasts and will also ask for the assistance of Talladega Police and Sheriff Departments in monitoring the weather

3. The following buildings have been selected as approved shelters during severe weather:

4. The evacuation process of all personnel and students will begin immediately at the first official warning or imminent approach of a natural or man-made disaster.

The following residence halls shall follow these evacuation procedures:

  • Shores, Crawford, Ish:
  • Proceed to the lowest level of the building
  • Take roll call and have everyone sit in the hallway
  • Await further instructions from College staff/personnel
  • Occupants of wood frame buildings and other campus residents
  • Proceed to the nearest approved shelter
  • Remain calm and in command of the situation.

5. After the initial fury of the disaster has subsided, please initiate the following post-emergency steps:

  • Remain in the sheltered areas until Campus Police have declared all danger has passed. Remember that the eye of the storm is a period of false calm. It may appear that the storm has diminished, but it may return at full intensity without warning.
  • Take roll call when residents return to their residence halls.
  • If any casualties have been suffered, begin transportation to medical facilities by dialing 911 or 362-8877. If phone lines are down, radio Campus Police, who will be checking the sheltered areas for possible casualties.
  • As part of the clean up process, and returning to the various residences, please avoid any area containing fallen power lines or hazardous active electrical equipment (i.e., generators, power stations).
  • Keep all restricted areas clear. Only Facilities Management/Operators and Campus Police personnel are allowed in restricted areas.
  • All Residence Hall Directors, Department Heads and Supervisors will assess their situations and submit a written report to Facilities Management/Operation and Campus Police as soon as possible. Any questions regarding evacuation procedures shall be forwarded to Campus Police (761-6291).



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